Saturday 09 Nov, 2024

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Piwik Pro

Piwik PRO Analytics Suite provides flexible data collection, consent management, tag management, and a customer data platform.

Organizations choose Piwik PRO for its powerful privacy-compliant analytics, and easy-to-use, tightly integrated suite of products. The platform comes in two plans – the free forever Core and paid Enterprise.

  • Get full control over your data with on-premises (in your own cloud subscription) and private cloud storage options. Safely analyze the digital user experience in more places, including post-login areas, banking and healthcare platforms, or intranet spaces.
  • Our experts help you map your business goals into KPIs, handle deployment, set up tailored reports and get a grip on our product. And you can count on them whenever you need extra guidance.
  • Avoid analytics platforms that reuse your data in suspicious ways. Unlike Google Analytics, we don’t sell your data to any third party. We give you the instruments to further protect user privacy and security.

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