Saturday 09 Nov, 2024

Starting at 9:00 AM



Session Cards

If you already have an idea for a session, you can download a sessions card template here, and come in front of the line.

In the templates are spaces for tags, providing more information about your session.  The tag options are:

  • Level – beginner, intermediate or advanced
  • Type – workshop, presentation or discussion
  • Focus – technical, analytical or business

Online session card builder:

Download MeasureCamp Session Card template – PDF Version

So please, prior to MeasureCamp Stockholm, feel free to download & print off a copy yourself so you can write your session in advance. 

Once you are done, feel free to take a photo & share on social media. Ask for feedback in advance, did you get the tags right?  Bring with you so you can stick on the session board as soon as it opens.